Dutch Shuffleboard (Sjoelbak)


When my family moved to Canada 30 years ago, we made sure we brought our sjoelbak (shuffleboard) with us.  Given the cold, snowy winters we encountered here it was a wise decision as we passed many cold evenings playing shuffleboard with family and friends.  Having had to finally retire our 'family' game, we started make new ones using the lines and measurements of the shuffleboard we brought with us so many years ago.  Because you can choose to play with as many people as you want, this is not only a great family game but also perfect for evenings in with a group of your friends. Each shuffleboard comes with pucks and rules.


Dutch Tile Trays

All our tile trays are constructed from solid hardwood and inlayed with a beautiful imported Dutch tile. We can even customize the above shown "wedding tile" tray for a wedding or anniversary by wood burning the names of the couple and wedding date on the tray.

Trays - $43.99   Custom Trays - $46.99

Dutch Village Houses

Our 'lit up' Dutch village houses pay homage to the beautiful architecture found through out Holland.  Our collection features on houses found within the Amsterdam region and even includes the house I grew up in located in Broek in Waterland.  The houses range in height from 8" - 13" and  comes with a 3' snap-in socket and chord with switch.  Placed on your mantel or under the Christmas tree, our houses make a very smart and unique Christmas village.


$40.00 each , Buy 3 or more $36.99/each

Build your own Dutch Village - Choose the house styles you like, we send you all the pieces to build the house and the snap-in-socket and chord - assembly and painting is up to you.  This makes a great crafting project.

House Kit - $25.00/each

Sinter Klaas and Piet

Our Sinterklaas and Piet are handcrafted from solid wood and carefully detailed in brilliant colours and hand sewn materials to duplicate their original costumes.

Sinterklaas $110.00  Piet $68.99