Candle holders and Lighting

Milk Can Candleholders


Tailored after the old milk cans, our milk can candleholders are one of our most popular candleholder products.  Turned from local wood species and decorated with steel handles, they stand approximately 6"-7" tall and 4"-5" wide and are available varnished or stained. Each milk can comes with an all natural soy tealight. 

$17.00 each

Expression Gift Pack

Give a gift that speaks to the heart with these letter block candle holders  Each wood block measures 2.5" square with wooden letters painted and applied to the front.  You choose what you would like the candle holder set to say, be it a name or word and the color of the letters. You can also choose from our existing sets - "Home", "Noel", "Joy", "Hope" and "Peace".   Each word set comes with natural soy tealights.

$5.00 per block

'Chicken feeder' tea light holder

When my mother recently gave me  the ceramic chicken feeder  that my Oma used when she was a little girl, I knew I wanted to duplicate the unique style into a wooden tea light holder (right).  Not only does this design provide for an elegant candleholer, it also doubles as an egg holder. They are turned from solid hardwood, measure approximately 6" across, come either stained or painted and hold four tea lights. Natural soy tealights come with each candleholder.


Mushroom Candleholders

Having always had a love for the shape and colours of mushrooms, we knew we had to make some as candleholders. Their shapes duplicate the three different stages you will find naturally in the woods at a certain growth period. Each mushroom candleholder is turned from solid wood and range in size from 4" to 8",are available either painted or varnished, and come with a natural soy tealight.

 $13.99  -  $15.99/each

Pillar Candleholders

Our pillar candleholders are made from a variety of local wood species stand and range in size from 6"to 11" tall.  You choose a style that holds either pillar candleholders or tealights, as well as a natural or stained finish.

Small (6") - $14.00

Medium (8") - $15.99

Large (10-11") - $17.99

Carved Hand Candleholder

Inspired from drawings in gnome books, our hand candle holder is carefully carved from solid butternut, and is sure to bring a whimsical feel to any room.



Tailored after the old fashioned candlestands of days gone by, these candleholders stand up 30" tall and are crafted from local wood species (shown above is Cherry).  Candle not included.


Electrified Lamp Posts


These interior lamp posts are crafted from solid pine and stand 5' tall.  They are available with either arched or straight windows and come in a painted or stained finish.  These lamp posts look great in a foyer or to accent that special place in your home. (25 watt bulb not included).

$89.00 each