Canoe Furniture and Nautical Decor

Canoe Coffee Table


Our canoe coffee table is one of our most popular products due to its authentic curved shape and style.  It is made in the traditional canoe building technique using planking and brass tacks.  It measures 64" long and 23.5" wide and is constructed from eastern cedar and native hardwoods.  It comes with a tempered glass top, all brass fittings and a solid wood stand.  Available in a natural  or painted finish (red, green or blue).


Canoe display case


Following century old canoe building techniques,  our canoe furniture brings the joy and memories of time spent on the water into your home.  Our canoe display case is crafted from eastern cedar and trimmed out with native hardwoods.  It can be either stained or varnished inside and is painted on the outside to give it a traditional look.  It measures 87" high and 36" wide (bottom).  Available in red, green and blue.


Canoe Pool Cue Holder

Our canoe pool cue holder is constructed in the same manner as our display case.  It is adapted to hold your pool cues and to tuck your accessories away in a traditional style wanigan.  Available in a natural or painted finish (red, green or blue).


Skiff shelving

Our solid wood boat shelves  stand 28" high and 13" wide.  Available in red, green or  blue.


Large Skiff Shelving

Our larger skiff shelves stand are available in red, green or blue.


Boat planters

Our boat planters look great with either dried flowers or potted plants.  They are constructed from solid wood and measure 25.5" long and 4.5" deep.  Available in red, green or blue.  Brackets included.


Decorative Carrying Yokes

Our decorative carrying yokes are approximately 36" long and come either as a "welcome" sign or a coat rack.


Paddle towel holder

Our paddle towel holder is constructed from solid wood  and measures 26" long.  Available in red, green and blue.


Paddle toilet paper holder

Our toilet  paper holder is constructed from solid wood and measures approximately 14" across.  Available in red, green or blue.


Ship wheel mirror

Our unique mirror is constructed from solid hardwood and finished with a dark brown stain.  Outside dimensions are approximately 17".


'Welcome' Anchor

Our 'welcome' anchor measures 18" long and 14" wide.  Lettering is available in red, blue and green.