Canoes and Accessories

12' Trapper Canoe

Our beautiful 12'  Trapper canoe is a dream ride for the solo canoeist tracking beautifully in the water, with lots of room for excess gear.  Having taken the lines for this canoe from an original 12' Chestnut, it's short but sturdy design is a great advantage in navigating through open waters or small rivers.  Crafted in traditional wood/canvas construction, our trapper canoe features babish seats, cherry decks and carrying yoke. Even though this canoe was originally designed for one, the sturdiness of its constructions enables it to accommodate two people.


12' Wood/Canvas Rowboat

This beautifully handcrafted 12' rowboat is our tribute to the days gone by when rowboats were a regular sight in cottage country.  The shape of this sleek rowboat come from lines taken from a 1940s Peterborough Autoboat (also referred to as the cartopper), so named as this design was made to be mobile.  We crafted our rowboat in traditional wood/canvas construction and added some fine wood working details to make this rowboat uniquely ours.  It can comfortably hold three adults and can accommodate a 31/2 horse power motor.  Our rowboat is not only a beauty to look at and a dream to row, it will give you a whole different way to experience the water.

$3500.00 (accessories extra)


13' Cruiser Canoe

The 13' cruiser makes an excellent canoe for those avid canoeists who like the freedom of being able to cruise the waters on their own.  The sleek lines and light weight (33 pounds) of the canoe enables it to cut through water effortlessly, yet encourages the development of your paddling skills.  Our canoes are crafted from cedar and trimmed out with native hardwoods, is constructed with an epoxy fiberglass skin, finished with a top quality spar varnish and decorated with all brass fittings.

Price:  $1475.00

17' Stripper Canoe

Our 17' stripper canoe makes an excellent tripping canoe for two people.  Being lightweight (approx. 50lbs) and having a moderate rocker, this canoe is easy to maneuver in water and to portage across land.  One of the unique features of our canoe is its adjustable bow seat which enables you to distribute the weight in the canoe accordingly.  As with our other canoes, it is crafted from cedar and trimmed out with native hardwoods, is constructed with an epoxy fiberglass skin, finished with a top quality spar varnish and decorated with all brass fittings.  Available in a clear or painted finish.



4' 6" Strip Canoe Model Kit

If you enjoyed the thrill of making your own cedar strip canoe, then you are going to love the challenge of putting together this 4'6" decorative strip canoe.  While the methods and technology required to make this small canoe are the same as for the large, both the skill level and degree of patience  required are heightened in this project as a result of the torque necessary to bend the strips around the mold.  The kit includes strongback and stations, cedar strips, decks, gunwales, roughed out carrying yoke, seat kit, brass stems, Canoe Craft book and instructions.  All that is required of you is some basic tools, glue, staples, screws and labour.  This is a great project to enhance your canoe building skills and when finished will add a wonderful decorative touch to your home.

Kit Price:  $435.00




Wanigan, a term originally borrowed from Northeastern Aboriginal Peoples meaning "storage pit", was historically adapted in the New England region to refer to a boat or small chest filled with supplies for a lumber camp.  In keeping with this tradition, and recognizing the limited space in a canoe, our wanigans are available in three different sizes in order to maximize the storage space in your canoe.  During the off season, they make a great accent and extra storage space in your family room or recreational room, or you can stack them away inside one another.

Prices: Small - $125.00, Medium - $180.00, Large - $257.00

Canvas Covered Wanigans

Our beautiful cedar wanigans are now available with a canvas cover.  Available in small, medium and large, you choose the colour to match your canoe.

Prices: Small $175, Medium $230 and Large $307

Deluxe Canvas Covered Wanigans

A customer requested we add some utility trays to our canvas covered wanigans, and we loved the idea so much that we have now added these types of wanigans to our product line.

Prices: Small $225, Medium $280 and Large $357

Birch Bark Clad Wanigans 

Due to the availability of good quality bark, we offer our birch bark clad wanigans in small only