Chainsaw Carvings Gallery


It was only a matter of time until our newest venture in wood working would take us into chainsaw carving.  We select unique pieces of wood from which to make the carvings.  As a result, each of our pieces are one-of-a-kind sculptures. As this chainsaw carving adventure is just beginning, you will see this gallery grow with newer, more creative and more daring projects.


Funky Fungus




These mushrooms are one of our first creations, and given their popularity they will be a part of our catalogue for some time to come.  Standing between 18" - 32" tall, they are carved from cedar, butternut and old cedar rail fencing and are finished with several coats of Marine spar varnish.  Each mushroom has its own 'funky' character provided through the imperfections of the wood and their quirky stance and shape. Individually or in sets of three, these mushrooms provide a fabulous addition to either your outdoor or indoor living space.

Price: $40 - $55 each (depending on size)

Hollow Log Sculptures





Our trees are carved from cedar and finished in a high gloss spar varnish.  They make for a beautiful Christmas tree when lights are wrapped around it.  Prices start from $50 .

Beer Canoes