Unique Home Decor

Harvest Tables

The centre piece of any home, dining tables are places where family and friends gather to enjoy not only great meals but also to share joy, laughter and sometimes tears.  Our harvest tables are designed to pay tribute to the warmth and love that surrounds this gather space.   The simplistic, yet aesthetically pleasing design of our harvest tables provides for a solid and functional product intended for everyday living.  Using mortise and tenon joinery, these tables are constructed from solid pine and feature reclaimed cast iron nails and square plugs. Table sizes start from 4.5' long with a customized finish (painted, stained or just varnished).  Matching harvest benches are available for all our tables.

Harvest Tables - Starting from $550.00

Harvest Benches - Starting from $75.00

Barrel Wine Rack

Barrel closed

Barrel open

Inside view

Close up of wine tap locking device

This unique wine rack is a must have for anyone who enjoys having a conversation piece in their home, bar or restaurant.  The thoughtful design and careful construction of this wine rack combines to provide for a spectacular centre piece that is masterfully functional.  The barrel itself is an original wine barrel that has been carefully refurbished to bring out the natural patina of the American white oak.  The wine rack embedded in each half of the barrel is constructed from solid hardwood and steel and can hold up to 19 one litre bottles of wine, allowing you to store up to 38 bottles of your favorite vintage.  The stand is constructed out of solid hardwood and reinforced with hardened steel  making it structurally sound to accommodate the weight of the barrel and its contents.  In keeping with the uniqueness and heritage of the wine barrel, the wine tap has been redesigned to act as a locking system to secure the two halves of the barrel together.  This ingenious wine rack is guaranteed to attract lots of commentary and attention.


Heritage Sleigh Coffee Table

Our sleigh coffee table is a reproduction of a traditional girl's sled.  The sleek lines of the runners and the elegance of a hardwood top make this coffee table a classy addition to any room.  Available in a variety of heritage colours.


Vintage Boy's Sleigh

Our boy's racing sled is a reproduction from around the 19th century.  Constructed from solid hardwood, mortise and tenon jointery and steel runners, this sled is built to be used, while doubling as a beautiful home decor.


Bob Sleigh

While a miniature version of the horse drawn bob sled, our bob sleigh was inspired by our own childhood.  Constructed from solid hardwood, mortise and tenon jointery and reinforced with steel runners, this sled when used with our tow bar works great behind a snowmobile to haul maple sap or children.  Remove the tow bar and you can slide down a hill, steering the sled with your feet.  It's aesthetically pleasing design makes it  perfect as a low coffee table during the off-season.